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Charles Manson is a celebrated cult leader who ran the “Manson Family”, a hipster commune founded in California in the late 1960s that committed a number of murders, notably that of actress Sharon Tate.  Manson is currently serving nine life sentences concurrently in Corcoran’s State Prison in California.

Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to Kathleen Maddox, an unwed 16 year old mother.

Charles Manson resides in Corcoran State Prison in California. He has been there since 1971.

He had no name when he was born and was listed as “No Name Maddox.”

Charles Manson’s family was essentially a group of about 100 followers who enjoyed using hallucinogenic drugs and began to believe that he was Jesus.

His mother was briefly married to William Eugene Manson from whom he got his surname.

Charles Manson’s first murder victims were killed on August 9th, 1969 by Manson’s followers Charles Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel. The victims were Sharon Tate, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folgerma and Jay Sebring.

His biological father was reported to be a “Colonel Walker Scott” against whom his mother filed a paternity suit. Manson may have never met his biological father.

An 18 year old named Steven Parent was also killed at the Tate and Polanski home.

According to Manson, his mother once traded him to a childless waitress for a pitcher of beer.

Charles Manson criticized the murders afterwards saying they had been sloppy.

His mother and brother were jailed for armed (with a ketchup bottle) robbery, and upon her return, the hug he received from his mother was, apparently, the only good memory he had of his childhood.

Charles Manson had targeted Polanksi (filmmaker) and Tate (actress) because they represented the world of show business that had rejected Manson.

Throughout his youth, Manson escaped from a number of juvenile detention centers.

Sharon Tate was eight months pregnant when the Manson ‘family’ murdered her. The next night the Manson ‘family’ murdered Leno LaBianca and Rosemary LaBianca.

Manson was arrested numerous times for vehicular theft having stolen bicycles and cars. He was charged more than once under the Dyer Act, a federal law prohibiting the transport of a stolen car across state lines.

Charles Manson had a son with a waitress he married in the 1950s. His son committed suicide in the 1990s.

Despite four years of schooling and a tested IQ of 109, Manson was illiterate.

Charles Manson was very interested in Armageddon and Scientology. He believed that he was privy to the planet’s eventual demise.

Manson was arrested once again for forging a US Treasury check, yet another federal crime.

When Charles Manson’s ‘family’ was arrested it was not because of the murders. They were picked up on vandalism charges.

Manson started making a living as a pimp, with several women in his stable including his new wife, Leona, who worked under the name Candy Stevens.

Susan Atkins eventually gave enough info to the police to help them realize that Manson and his followers were to blame for the crimes.

After being sent to a Los Angeles prison for violating his probation, he took guitar lessons from a gang leader named Alvin “Creepy” Karpis.

Charles Manson released an album during his trial in an effort to raise money.

While in prison, Manson listed his religion as “Scientology.”

During the trial Charles Manson showed up with an X carved into his forehead. Others soon followed and it turned into a swastika.

In 1963, Manson got another divorce. Apparently, aggressively antisocial individuals have trouble keeping marriages together.

During the trial the murderers giggled and showed no remorse for their crimes.

In 1967, Manson had spent nearly half of his 32 years behind bars and, despite being released, he requested permission to stay as prison had become his home.

Charles Manson was convicted in 1975 of first degree murder and sentenced to death.

Following his 1967 release, he established himself as a guru, borrowing philosophy from Scientology as well as the Process Church who believed that Satan would become reconciled to Christ.

Charles Manson’s death sentence was commuted when California invalidated all death sentences that were handed down before 1972.

Charles Manson started painting himself as a Christ figure and would introduce himself by saying his name slowly: “Charles’ Will is Man’s Son” implying that his will was the same as that of the Son of Man.

The Beach Boys released a song in 1969 called Cease to Exist that was written by Charles Manson. They had spent a little time with him at Brian Wilson’s home studio.

The Manson Family members who made themselves home at Wilson’s Sunset Boulevard household cost him $100,000, which included a large bill for treatment of gonorrhea.

The house where Sharon Tate and several of the other victims of Charles Manson were murdered has been demolished. Real estate agents do not want to list the new house so it is empty.

Manson was obsessed with The Beatles and believed he could surpass the group in fame.

In 2017 Charles Manson was hospitalized with a reportedly serious illness. No details have been released other than he is in Bakersfield.

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