April 23, 2024

Maryland is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It borders West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Delaware. With only 12,407 square miles, Maryland is the 42nd smallest state. With over 5.9 million residents, it is the 19th most populous state. Despite its small size, it is the fifth most densely populated state in the United States. Maryland was founded in the 1600s by English Catholics looking for a safe haven for those who did not adhere to England’s Anglicanism. Conflicts over land, religion, and slavery erupted, but Maryland became the seventh state to join the Union in 1788.

Interesting facts about Maryland:

One theory holds that the name Maryland was chosen to honor King Charles I’s wife, Queen Henrietta Maria. Another theory holds that the name was chosen to honor Jesus Christ’s mother, Mary.

Annapolis is Maryland’s capital city, and Baltimore is its largest city.

Maryland residents are referred to as Marylanders.

Maryland’s state nickname is the ‘Old Line State.’

The state motto of Maryland is ‘Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine,’ which translates as ‘Manly Deeds, Womanly Words.’

‘Maryland, My Maryland’ is the state song of Maryland.

Maryland’s state flag is the only state flag in the United States that is based on the coats of arms of noble British families. It was first used in 1904.

The Baltimore oriole is the state bird of Maryland.

The rockfish is the state fish, and the diamondback terrapin is the state reptile.

The Maryland blue crab is the state crustacean of Maryland.

The Astrodon johnstoni, the state dinosaur of Maryland, was discovered in 1858 in Maryland. Maryland has also yielded Priconodon and Pleurocoelus fossils.

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is Maryland’s state dog.

The official state tree is a 460-year-old white oak, which is the state tree.

The black-eyed Susan is the state flower.

The Susquehanna River, Patuxent River, Patapsco River, and Potomac River are among Maryland’s major rivers.

Loch Raven Reservoir, Prettyboy Reservoir, Deep Creek Lake, and Lake Oakland are among Maryland’s major lakes.

Maryland is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay.

Corn, dairy products, soybeans, poultry, and tobacco are among Maryland’s major agricultural products. Milk is the state drink of Maryland.

Fishing, food products, communications equipment, mining, steel, and government services are among Maryland’s major industries.

The United States Naval Academy was established in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1845.

King Williams School was the first school in the United States. It first opened in Maryland in 1696.

Maryland is also home to the country’s first dental school.

The United States Naval Academy is located in Baltimore, Maryland’s Inner Harbor. The National Aquarium

Annapolis, Maryland is regarded as the world’s sailing capital.

New Market is known as Maryland’s antique capital.

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross, and the Clara Barton Historic Site in Glen Echo served as both her home and the American Red Cross headquarters.

There is a population of wild and rare horses on Assateague Island. Each year, in order to keep the island’s horse population under control, some of the horses are captured and auctioned off in Virginia.

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