April 13, 2024

Mexico, officially known as the United Mexican States, is a country located between the United States and Central America. It covers an area of 1,964,375 square kilometers. Mexico City is the country’s capital and largest city. One of its recognized regional languages is Spanish. The Peso is the country’s official currency (MXN). Mexico is bounded by the US, Guatemala, and Belize. Its maritime borders are also shared with Cuba and Honduras.

The official name of Mexico is the United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). The United States is divided into 31 states and the Federal District.

Each state, like the United States of America, has its own set of laws, regulations, and police. When you are in a different state than where you live, your phone is almost always roaming.

The majority of people have always assumed that Mexico City is the country’s capital. Distrito Federal (DF) – the Federal District – was the city’s original name until 2016, when it was officially changed to CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico).

Over 750,000 US citizens live in Mexico, according to the 2010 Census.

Mexico has 34 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders. The list includes the historic centers of cities such as Guanajuato, Mexico City, and Puebla, as well as dozens of ancient ruins, Tequila agave fields, and much more.

There are women-only buses and subway sections for women in Mexico City.

In 1539, the House of the First Printing Press in the Americas (Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América) in Mexico City used the first printing press in North America. It was used in Europe long before it was used in the United States.

Mexico declared independence on September 27th, 1821, but the independence war began on September 16th, 1810 – the day that is celebrated as Independence Day.

Cinco de Mayo does not commemorate Mexican independence; rather, it commemorates the Battle of Puebla in 1862, in which Mexico defeated the French army. It is mostly observed in Puebla and by Mexican immigrants in the United States.

People commonly believe that because Mexico is a part of Latin America, it is either in South or Central America. However, Mexico, along with the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean islands, is a part of North America.

The meteorite that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct landed in Mexico. The remains of a massive crater, 150 km in diameter, formed when an asteroid collided with our planet some 66 million years ago, can be found near the town of Chicxulub in the Yucatan peninsula. It is widely assumed that this event impacted the climate to such an extent that more than 75 percent of all plant and animal life on Earth became extinct.

Cuexcomate, the world’s smallest volcano, is also found in Mexico. This volcano is located just outside the city of Puebla and is only 43 feet tall, making it the size of a small hill.

Mexico is the 13th largest country in the world, with an area of 761,606 square miles (1,972,550 square kilometers).

Mexico City has the highest elevation and is North America’s oldest city. But that’s not all. It is also built on the ruins of the great Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, which is located on a lake.

The jaguar, North America’s largest wildcat, can be found in Mexico’s southern jungles. They’ve also been spotted roaming around Mayan ruins.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico is the world’s largest pyramid. It is also the largest monument ever built in the world, surpassing the Giza Pyramids.

In 2008, the Mexican city of Torreon imposed fines for driving while wearing make-up or shaving with an electric razor.

According to the IMF, Mexico has the world’s 15th largest economy and the 11th largest in terms of purchasing power parity. Some of Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicles are partially manufactured in Mexico, and the country has emerged as a new research and development hotspot.

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