May 24, 2024

Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, has many natural monuments and game reserves. Sanctuaries like Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park have waterfalls, dense rainforest, savannahs, and rare primate habitats. One of the most famous sights is the Zuma Rock, a 725 meter high monolith on the outskirts of the capital Abuja, which is displayed in local currency.

Almost 200 million people live here, which makes Nigeria one of the most populous countries in the world. By 2019, it is ranked as the 7th most populated country in the world.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the official name of Nigeria.

The majority of the people are either Muslims or Christians with 50% and 40% of the total population.

It is the 32nd largest country with 356,669 square miles.

In total, experts estimate that more than 500 different languages are spoken in Nigeia. Some of the major languages are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, even though English serves as the official language.

The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja.

About 75% of the total population uses social media on a regular basis.

Nigeria shares its border with Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger.

What’s unique for the Nigerian population is that the majority uses a smartphone rather than a computer or laptop.

The official currency of Nigeria is the Naira.

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian businessman with a net worth of at least 10.6 billion USD. When Forbes listed the 100 richest people in the world, he was included on the list.

The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos.

There are over 250 ethnic groups with a distinct culture and traditions in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a member of both the African Union and the British Commonwealth.

Nigeria is a large producer of Crude oil with an average of 2,5 million barrels a day.

The official language of Nigeria is English.

Nollywood is the nickname for the Nigerian Movie Industry, and it’s even bigger than Hollywood. It is estimated to be second in the world, only to Bollywood in India.

Chappal Waddi is the highest mountain in Nigeria.

Nigerians has a life expectancy of just 55.2 years.

Football is one of the country’s most popular sports.

The Nigerian flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959.

In Nigeria, the left hand is only used for doing things that are considered dirty.

The Eagle is the Nigerian national animal.

Nigeria is divided into 36 states.

The name Nigeria is derived from Niger, which is the longest river in West Africa

Professor Wole Soyinka is the first Nigerian Nobel Laureate.

The Nigerian Flag is characterized by 3 vertical stripes with white color in the middle, and green on either side.

Africa’s oldest boat and the third oldest boat in the world was discovered in Yobe, Nigeria.

Nigeria gained independence from colonial rule in 1960.

Nigeria wins the Olympic gold at the 1992 Olympics held in Atlanta.

Nigeria has been ruled by military leaders for a combined 29 years.

The Portuguese were the first European travelers to visit Benin, Nigeria in 1472.

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