May 24, 2024

Colorado state flag of America, isolated on white background.

Colorado is located in the Mountain States, as well as the Southwestern and Western United States. It is the eighth-largest state in terms of land area, covering 104,094 square miles. Colorado is the 22nd most populous state, with a population of approximately 5,268,367 people. Colorado includes the majority of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northeastern Colorado Plateau. The state of Colorado was named after the Colorado River, which was named Rio Colorado by Spanish explorers. Colorado became the 38th state when it was admitted to the Union in 1876. It is known as the Centennial State because it joined during the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Colorado derives its name from the Spanish word for colored ruby or red.

Denver is Colorado’s capital.

Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Oklahoma share state borders with Colorado.

Colorado is one of four states that come together at the Four Corners. A person can stand in four different states at the same time at this location. Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico are among the four states.

Mountains, desert, high plains, canyons, mesas, rivers, and plateaus characterize Colorado.

The state motto of Colorado is Nil sine Numine, which translates to “Nothing without Providence.”

The Rocky Mountain columbine is the state flower of Colorado.

The Colorado blue spruce is the state tree.

Aquamarine was its gemstone in 1971.

‘Where the Columbines Grow’ is the state song.

Colorado is known as the Centennial State.

Colorado is made up of 64 counties, one state forest, and 44 state parks.

The United States Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs.

Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado, is America’s longest continuous street.

Katherine Lee Bates was inspired by the view from Pikes Peak when she wrote “America the Beautiful.”

Every year, over 100,000 Valentines are re-mailed from Loveland, Colorado.

In 1869, Deer Trail, Colorado hosted the World’s First Rodeo.

Rocky Ford, Colorado is known as the Melon Capital of the World.

The world’s largest natural hot springs pool can be found in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It’s two blocks long and located across the street from the Hotel Colorado, a historic structure and favorite Teddy Roosevelt stop.

John Gregory discovered the Gregory Lode, a gold deposit in a gulch near Central City, in 1859. Only two months after the discovery, the population grew to 10,000.

Tourism, scientific instruments, food processing, machinery, transportation equipment, mining, and chemical products are all examples of Colorado industry today.

Hay, corn, dairy, wheat, and cattle are examples of Colorado agriculture.

Colorado is the only state that has ever turned down the opportunity to host the Olympics, in 1976. The decision was made due to concerns about costs, population growth, and pollution.

Denver, Colorado claims to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger. Louis Ballast trademarked the term “Cheeseburger” in 1935.

The United States government owns more than one-third of Colorado’s land.

The Dwight Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel connects Summit and Clear Creek counties and is the world’s highest auto-tunnel. Every day, over 26,000 vehicles pass through.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Dinosaur National Monuments, the Black Canyon, and Gunnison National Park are among Colorado’s most popular tourist destinations.

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