May 20, 2024

M & Ms are button-shaped candies with a chocolate or peanut center. M&M was introduced in the US in 1941 after the son of the founder of the Mars Company saw soldiers eating smarties in the Spanish Civil War. The manufacturing process and the introduction of M & M’s. The two women are said to represent Bruce Murrie (son of the founder of Hershey Chocolate) and Forrest Mars Sr. (founder of the Newark Company). During World War II there was a great demand for M&Ms and the company expanded. They were only sold to the military during World War II, and peanut M & Ms were introduced in 1954.

Before Hershey and Mars became rivals, William F. R. Murrie’s company Hershey supplied the chocolate Mars needed to make the candy.

It was a toss-up between M&M’s and Reese’s to be used in the blockbuster movie E.T. but Reese’s ended up being the choice and it is believed to have increased sales by 300%.

The movie E.T., almost used M&Ms but Mars’ insecurity led to the choosing of Reese’s peanut butter candies instead.

Until 1954 the M on M&M’s was printed in black ink. After 1954 it was printed in white. Prior to 1950 there was no M printed on M&M’s.

M&Ms Peanut Chocolate Candies were introduced In 1954.

In 1954 the slogan “The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand” was trademarked, along with the M&M characters.

The letter “M” was printed on the candy in black ink until 1954; now it’s printed in white.

The NASA space program participants prefer M&M’s over most other chocolate.

The famous slogan “The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand” and the M&Ms brand characters were trademarked in  1954.

It wasn’t until 1972 that the M&M characters began to appear on packaging for the candies.

M&Ms happen to be the most common eaten chocolate in NASA’s space program.

The Go Go boots for Green M&M were chosen to hide her unattractive ankles from earlier drawings.

In 1972, the colorful characters first appeared on packaging, helping with M&Ms brand awareness.

Red, Blue, and Yellow M&M characters where introduced in 1995.

Green’s shoe-wear, her Go-Go boots, was chosen due to early drawings of the character showing her with less than flattering ankles.

Ms. Brown M&M’s voice is done by Vanessa Williams, and she was introduced in 2012.

Green joined the M&Ms pack as a character in 1997, while Red, Blue, and Yellow had been introduced back in 1995.

M&M’s are manufactured in Tennessee and in New Jersey.

M&M’s Chocolate Candies are made in New Jersey and Tennessee, and became internationally available in the 1980s.

M&M’s were only introduced to the international market in the 1980s.

Music artists Zedd and Aloe Blacc collaborated on a remake of the song “Candyman” in honor of the M&Ms anniversary.

Every day more than 400 million M&M’s are manufactured.

There have been many limited edition and holiday combination bags released in the market for consumption in different sizes and fillings.

NASCAR made M&M’s their official chocolate in 2006.

M&M flavor “BOO-terscotch” was recently released for the fall season, with some Harry Potter fans nicknaming it the “Butterbeer M&Ms”.

M&M’s are a sponsor of the National Football League.

MEGA M&Ms in both milk chocolate and peanut varieties were introduced in 2014.

M&M’s often releases special holiday packaging versions of the chocolates and includes a variety of fillings and sizes.

The Crispy variety, a limited edition from 1998, was brought back by popular demand and is now a part of the regular line up.

BOO-terscotch was an M&M flavor released for Halloween.

Pretzel M&Ms were released in 2010, with Orange becoming its spokescandy.

Crispy M&M’s were released as a limited edition in 1998 but were so well received that they became a regular M&M’s variety.

Blue M&Ms weren’t always a thing. In 1995 a marketing event asked Americans to vote on a new color to appear in the traditional M&M’s Chocolate Candies mix.

When Pretzel M&M’s were released in 2010 the spokescandy for the variety was Orange.

The candies are number one in Florida, Hawaii, and Kansas when it comes to Halloween.

Blue M&M’s only came about when a marketing campaign for the brand in 1995 asked consumers which color they would like to add to the candy. Blue was voted in.

This year, the brand ran a “Vote For Your Favorite Peanut” contest, featuring the varities coffee nut, chili nut and honey nut.

In Hawaii, Florida, and Kansas, M&M’s are the favorite Halloween candy.

Also this year, the caramel variety was introduced, and is set to make its debut in May 2017.

Caramel M&M’s are supposed to be released in 2017.

In 1984, M&M’s turned to world events for the first time when the company paid $5 million to be named “the official snack food of the 1984 Olympic games”.

M&M’s were originally packaged in a cardboard tube. The bags they are packaged in today were not introduced until 1948.

Blue M&M’s were voted into packets in 1995 by more than 10 million Americans, where it has remained a permanent addition.

Red M&M’s were removed from the group in the 1970s because of a study that linked the red food color to cancer. Red was reintroduced in the mid-1980s.

MY M&M’s milk chocolate candies with custom printing was introduced in early 2005, where customers could print their own messages on 20 custom colors along with pictures or clip art directly on M&M’s. The most popular sayings were “Marry Me” and “I love you”.

Van Halen, the rock band, always requested that the brown M&M’s had to be removed. Although seen as being juvenile, the band saw this as a test to a venue’s ability to provide enough security for them. If not removed they would cancel.

You can go in-store and enjoy the colorful wonder of M&M’s in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, London and Shanghai. Where you can buy apparel, drinkware, dispensers and accessories.

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