May 18, 2024

Texas is the biggest state of the 48 bordering United States, with 268,820 square miles. It imparts the global outskirt to a few of Mexico’s states. With over 26.4 million individuals living in this state, it is the second most crowded state after California. Preceding European settlement, there were three noteworthy indigenous societies living in Texas’ region, including the Pueblo, the Mississippian, and Mesoamerica societies. Altogether there have been eight distinctive government changes since 1519, when it was under Spanish control, until 1865, when it turned into an individual from the United States. Texas is home to wide assortment of untamed life, various atmosphere zones, and geographic locales.

Texas has a phrase ‘Six Flags over Texas’, which refers to the fact that there have been six different countries that have ruled the area, beginning in 1519. These countries include Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States, and the Confederate States of America.

It is bordered by Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas to the southwest, while the Gulf of Mexico is to the southeast.

From 1836 to 1845, Texas was an independent nation.

As of January 2019, the population of Texas was estimated to be about 28.3 million people. It is the 2nd most populous state in the United States.

Texas’ capital is Austin, which is also considered to be the live music capital of the world.

It is also the 2nd largest state in the United States in terms of total area with 696,241 square kilometers (268,581 square miles).

The largest city in Texas is Houston and the largest metro is Arlington/Fort Worth/Dallas.

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth largest in the US.

The deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history – the Galveston hurricane = took place in Texas in 1900. This hurricane resulted in approximately 8,000 deaths.

Guadalupe Peak, also known as Signal Peak, is the highest natural point in Texas, with an elevation of 2,667 meters (8,751 feet) above sea level. It is located in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and is part of the Guadalupe Mountains range in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas.

The state of Texas produces the most greenhouse gases of any U.S. State – approximately 680 billion kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Although Texas is popularly associated with the U.S. southwestern deserts, less than 10% of Texas’s land area is desert.

If Texas were an independent country, it would rank 7th in the world for producers of greenhouse gas.

Texas has over 480 kilometers (300 miles) of coastline.

Texas’ state mammal is the armadillo.

The state has 14 national parks and 51 state parks.

It is estimated that there are approximately 16 million cattle in Texas.

The Alamo is one of the most important historic sites in the United States. Part of a mission station established in 1718, it was built by Franciscans in 1744 and by 1836, had been converted into a fort. It became famous during the Texan War of Independence after a small force barricaded themselves in against an overwhelmingly superior Mexican army some 3,000 strong.

The world’s largest rose garden is located in Texas. It is the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden and has 38,000 rose bushes.

The recorded history of Texas begins with the arrival of the first Spanish conquistadors in the region of North America now known as Texas in 1519, who found the region populated by numerous Native American tribes.

The very first rodeo in the world was held in 1883 in Pecos, Texas.

The Native Americans’ ancestors had been there for more than 10,000 years as evidenced by the discovery of the remains of prehistoric Leanderthal Lady.

Texas has the most tornadoes of any state each year. On average they experience 139 per year.

Texas comes from the Hasinai Indian word tejas meaning friends or allies.

The first governor and president of Texas was Sam Houston, who lived from 1793 to 1863.

The term “six flags over Texas” refers to several nations that have ruled over the territory.

The first word that was ever spoken on the moon was Houston, in 1969 during the moon landing.

Texas is popularly known as The Lone Star State.

The western hemisphere’s largest Ferris wheel is located in Dallas State Fair Park. It is called the Texas Star.

Though 10% larger than France and almost twice as large as Germany or Japan, it ranks only 27th worldwide amongst country subdivisions by size.

Dr Pepper was invented in 1885 by a Waco pharmacist named Charles Alderton.

If it were an independent country, Texas would be the 40th largest behind Chile and Zambia.

Actors Chuck Norris and John Wayne are both honorary Texas Rangers, making them members of the oldest North American statewide law enforcement agency.

The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

Davy Crockett died at the Alamo.

Edwards Plateau in west central Texas is the top sheep growing area in the country.

The Alamo is a historical site in San Antonio Texas, where the Mexican General Santa Anna defeated the Texan defenders.

Approximately 50 billion is spent in Texas each year by tourists visiting historical sites, state parks and other points of interest.

More wool comes from the state of Texas than any other state in the United States.

Today it is still considered a hanging offence to steal cattle in Texas.

In Texas there is a city called Slaughter. No murder has ever been recorded in this city.

Texas is also known as the Lone Star State. This name represents Texas’ struggle for independence.

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