July 25, 2024

Studio Portrait of a Mixed Age, Multiethnic, Large Group of Happy Women Wearing White Tops

By nature, the female heart is programmed to beat two times faster.

Women blink twice as often as men do.

The corpus callosum in the female brain is larger, which is what allows women to multitask more effectively than men.

There are more taste buds on a female tongue.

The female body has more pain receptors, but thanks to estrogen, which blocks inflammatory processes, women tend to have a higher pain threshold.

Women have a better developed sense of smell.

Women have a better developed periphery vision.

A female neck is more flexible. When a woman hears her name called, she turns her head. A man typically turns his entire body.

Women are worse at spatial orientation. This is the reason they have more problems when driving. For instance, 82% of men can parallel park, with 70% of this number getting it right on first try. With women it’s a totally different picture: 22% of all female drivers can parallel park, and only 1/3 of them can do it on first try.

Women are more likely to feel anxiety because they have naturally higher levels of progesterone, cortisol and estradiol. That’s why women are better at predicting threats and dangers intuitively.

Women are better at distinguishing between shades of color because color perception is directly linked to the X chromosome.

Female skin is twice more sensitive than male.

Female bodies burn fat much slower than male bodies, at the rate of about 50 calories per day.

Women have stronger immune systems.

Baldness is an X-linked recessive trait inherited by men from their mothers.

Two X chromosomes make the female body less prone to chronic illnesses and complications.

Women are more emotional: they cry on average 30–60 times per year while men cry 6 to 17 times.

When pregnant, 30% of women will feel the craving to consume inedible things.

Women form stronger attachments to other people because of higher oxytocin levels. They also have better developed brain areas that are responsible for the feeling of affection.

The diameter of a woman’s hair is twice smaller than that of a man’s.

Women can hear high frequency sounds better than men.

A woman’s brain activity lowers only 10% during sleep, which is why women tend to be lighter sleepers.

Women are better at distinguishing the different shades of the sweet taste.

Two brain centers are responsible for female speech, which is why women can use about 3000 sounds and 10,000 nonverbal signals – twice as many as is available to men.

Female muscles and tendons contain more elastin, which is what makes women more flexible.

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