May 18, 2024

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a fast food restaurant chain that was founded in 1930 by Colonel Harland Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky as Sanders Court & Cafe. Colonel Sanders began by selling his fried chicken during the Great Depression in a roadside location. Colonel Sanders’ image became an icon in America but its rapid expansion was too much and he sold the company in 1964 to a group of investors. KFC became one of the very first restaurants to expand to international markets. KFC’s claim to fame is its fried chicken seasoned with a blend of 11 herbs and spices, served in a bucket.

Colonel Sanders learned to cook at a young age because his father died when he was six and he had to fill in while his mother worked.

It’s a Christmas tradition in Japan to eat KFC.

The first KCF was opened when Colonel Sanders was 29, selling his fried chicken to passing motorists from his roadside gas station and restaurant.

KFC was first known as Sanders Court & Café.

Colonel Sanders was given the honorary title Colonel by the governor of Kentucky in 1936.

KFC didn’t always sell buckets of chicken.

In 1952 KFC began to be franchised when Pete Harman opened the location on Salt Lake City, Utah.

Harland Sanders was never a real colonel.

Pete Harman came up with the idea of serving the fried chicken in a cardboard bucket.

The Double Down was released on April Fool’s Day, but it was no joke.

In 1956 Colonel Sanders sold his roadside restaurant and went on the road to sell his franchise to additional locations.

Sanders didn’t invent the name KFC.

By 1964 there were more than 600 KFC restaurants in the United States.

You can get yourself a pair of KFC Crocs.

Colonel Sanders sold KFC in 1964 at the age of 74. He continued to remain active in the business promotion until he died in 1980 at the age of 90.

A KFC pizza exists.

The original KFC gravy was too much work and the recipe was changed to a cheaper version prior to 1970. Colonel Sanders didn’t approve of the new gravy recipe.

A couple got engaged at a KFC in South Africa and the fast food chain paid for their wedding.

The recipe for the seasoning used on KFC’s fried chicken is kept secret. The company uses two separate suppliers to create the blend to help protect the recipe. It is kept locked up and only a few people have access to it.

There are around 23,000 KFC locations across the world.

The decision to be known by KFC instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken was made because of the growing concern in the early 1990s about fried food and its impact on health.

The Colonel has his own video game. It’s called “Colonel Quest”.

There is a video game named after Colonel Sanders and a graphic novel as well.

There’s a comic book about Colonel Sanders titled “The Colonel’s Adventure Comics”.

In Japan KFC has become Japan’s Christmas Eve dinner. People order it months in advance.

According to Forbes, KFC is valued at $8.5billion.

The original KFC meal in a bucket included 14 pieces of chicken.

The first KFC bucket meal wasn’t sold until 1957.

Colonel Sander’s white suit that became part of his trademark was sold for $21,510 to the president of KFC Japan.

KFC restaurants can be found in more than 105 countries around the world. It is more popular in China than McDonald’s.

It is possible to buy a bottle of seasoning called 99-X that is believed to be almost identical to the secret KFC recipe.

When Colonel Sanders died in 1980 the Governor of Kentucky flew State building’s flags at half-mast. They were flown this was for four days.

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