May 29, 2024

A fart is a word that is used to refer to gas, which is the expulsion of gases from the body through the rectum. The gas is generated in the stomach or intestines and combines with the air that humans take in. Farts can differ in sound, frequency and smell depending on the person. Intestinal gases can be accompanied by pain and bloating, excessive odor, and even an inability to hold gas back as it builds up. In some cultures, farting is considered very vulgar, while in others it is greeted with humor and comedy. For the most part, there are situations when farting is not polite. Some people say they don’t fart, but men and women generally fart the same.

Here are some interesting Farts Facts:

Farting is a fermentation process that causes the production of a specific type of gas known as sulfur.

The average human being farts 14 times a day. Some do it in front of others and some do it in private.

Fart also consists of air that we swallow during drinking and eating.

An average person farts enough to fill a balloon each day – about 700ml of flatulent air/gas.

Fart is divided in Oxygen (4%), Nitrogen (59%), Hydrogen (21%), Carbon Dioxide (9%), and Methane (7%).

A fart contains several gasses including hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, and sometimes methane as well.

The loudness of the sound depends on two factors. First, the tightness of the sphincter muscle and the pressure that expels the gas.

In order to measure a fart an individual would require an instrument called a rectal catheter. This tube measures the volume of gas exiting a person’s digestive tracts.

Food rich in sulfur like cheese, cabbage, eggs, soda, and beans will lead to bad odor.

The average fart travels at a speed of seven miles an hour, or ten feet a second.

The sexual arousal caused by farting is called eproctophilia.

The main reason for the rotten smell of a fart is due to hydrogen sulfide. It produces the rotten egg smell.

Two chemicals in farts, methane and hydrogen make it flammable.

Women tend to have a higher hydrogen sulfide concentration than men – which means a woman’s fart has the potential to smell worse than a man’s fat.

There are pills that can make your farts smell like roses or chocolate.

Although the word fart is commonly used to describe the act of expelling gas from the body – the polite term is flatus.

The people who fart for a living are known as “flatulists.”

The word ‘fart’ was coined in 1632. The definition was ‘to send forth wind from the anus’. The word ‘fart’ is derived from the word ‘feortan’ which is an Old English word meaning ‘to break wind’.

The first film produced by a major studio that had a fart joke was “Blazing Saddles”.

In Ancient Rome all citizens were permitted to pass gas when they needed to – as declared by the Roman Emperor Claudius.

According to the American College of Gastroenterology, sucking on candy can make you gassy.

Ancient Japanese held farting contests to determine the person who could fart the loudest, and the longest.

Termites are the animals which produce the most farts.

William Shakespeare mentioned farts in his plays, five times.

Smelling farts is one good way to prevent Alzheimer and dementia for elders.

An essay was written in 1722 by Jonathan Swift about farting. It was titled “The Benefit of Farting Explain’d”.

Roughly 99 percent of our farts don’t smell.

A loud fart was referenced in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Believe it or not, If you consistently fart for 6 years & 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

Dante Alighieri mentioned farting in Inferno.

Passing gas means that your digestive system works properly.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote an essay titled “Fart Proudly”.

On average, corpses will fart for nearly 3 hours after death.

The Nazi leader Adolph Hitler took 28 different medications to try and control his chronic gas.

Most of the farting happens at night while we are asleep.

There is a type of underwear made to suppress the smell of farts. It is made with charcoal-lined pads.

In China, some people actually earn $50,000 a year for being professional fart smellers.

A pill was designed by Frenchman Christian Poincheval to make farts smell like roses or chocolate.

Hitler had a digestive disorder that made him chronically fart all the time.

It is impossible to fart when scuba diving at 33 feet or deeper below sea level.

Female farts have the higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide and because of that, they stink more.

There is a tribe in South America that greets each other by farting.

A British man holds the record for the world’s longest recorded fart.

Farts are flammable. A shed with cows once caught fire because of the gas build up.

Farts are like fingerprints and their bacterial composition is unique to an individual.

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