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A dentist is a type of doctor who focuses on their patients’ oral health. This can include the teeth, gums, and other oral systems. Dentists in the United States are required to complete four years of post-secondary education before taking the Dental Admissions Test. They must attend dental school for a minimum of four years, but this can vary by state. Following dental school, residency can last anywhere from two to six years. Dentists can specialize in a wide range of areas, including cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics, among many others.

A dentist can pursue a career in public health by researching social health policies.

Root canal therapy and dental pulp disease are two areas in which a dentist can specialize. This is known as endodontics.

A dentist can work in the fields of oral and maxillofacial radiology, surgery, or pathology.

A dentist can practice orthodontics, which involves straightening teeth and modifying mandibular growth.

Periodontology is the study and treatment of gums, and a dentist can work in this field.

Pediatric dentistry, which involves working with children, is a specialty that a dentist can pursue.

Prosthodontic dentists are those who work with braces, bridges, implants, and the replacement of missing facial structures.

Barbers were the first people in history to perform dental work. This occurred in both France and China. Lay barbers may be able to perform basic tasks such as tooth extraction and minor surgery. Guild barbers were capable of performing more complex surgeries.

In 1400, France prohibited lay barbers from performing surgery.

Pierre Fauchard of France is regarded as the father of modern dentistry. In 1728, he published the first science-based dentistry textbook.

In the 1760s, forensic dentistry was used to aid in identification based on dental evidence.

In 1840, the first dental college in the United States was founded in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dentists use porcelain crowns to cap teeth, which were invented in 1903.

Novocain, a local anesthetic, was invented in 1905.

In 1907, precision cast fillings were invented.

Nylon bristle toothbrushes were invented in 1938.

Fluoride toothpaste was invented in 1950.

Electronic toothbrushes were first introduced in 1960.

Teeth whitening kits for at-home use were invented in 1989.

The electric chair, which is used for prisoner executions, was invented by a dentist. Alfred P. Southwick was his name.

Dentists have some of the highest-paying jobs. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can expect to earn more than $166,400 per year. Orthodontists and general dentists are also highly ranked.

After being sick, people should replace their toothbrushes because they can carry germs and re-infect the person.

Tooth decay is the second most common disease in America, after the common cold.

Gum disease increases the risk of having a stroke more than cardiovascular disease.

Flossing is responsible for cleaning 35% of a person’s tooth surface.

Dentures were worn by George Washington. They were made of ivory, gold, lead, and human, hippos, and donkey teeth. They were not made of wood, as many people believe.

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