July 25, 2024

Constitution Day is a holiday commemorating the signing of the United States Constitution by the United States Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787. It acknowledges both the United States Constitution and all those who have become citizens of the United States. Prior to 2004, it was referred to as Citizenship Day. After an amendment to the Omnibus Spending Bill was passed in 2004, it was changed to Constitution Day. Today, Constitution Day is primarily observed by educating people about the significance of the Constitution and what it has meant to American citizens.

Citizenship Day was the original name for Constitution Day.

This bill also requires educational programs on the history of the Constitution to be held on Constitution Day in all publicly funded schools.

‘U.S. colleges and universities established ‘U.S. Constitution and Citizens Week’ in order to comply with the law.

In 1939, William Hearst began advocating for a national holiday to honor citizenship. William Hearst owned a newspaper chain and used it to spread the word about his idea.

In 1940, Congress established ‘I Am an American Day’ on the third Sunday of May. In 1944, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service produced a film called I Am an American to promote I Am an American Day.

In 1949, 48 states issued proclamations commemorating Constitution Day. In 1952, Congress renamed “I Am an American Day” “Citizenship Day,” which is observed on September 17th each year.

Senator Robert Byrd was the driving force behind the amendment that changed the name to Constitution Day in 2004.

With only 4,543 words, the United States Constitution is both the shortest and the oldest of the world’s major governments.

The Constitution was written for $30 by Jacob Shallus, a clerk for the Pennsylvania General Assembly. That equates to $726 today.

The Constitution is currently on display at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. It has been in place since 1952. It is kept in a special environment to preserve the four pages.

Because the Constitution lacked a bill of rights, three of the 42 delegates did not sign it.

Because of his failing health, Benjamin Franklin needed help signing the Constitution at the age of 81. As he signed the document, he was said to have tears streaming down his cheeks. He was also the oldest person to sign, with Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey being the youngest at 26.

The word ‘democracy’ does not appear once in the Constitution.

Since its inception, the Constitution has been amended 17 times.

Despite the fact that Constitution Day is a federal event (not a holiday), federal employees do not receive a holiday.

Many Americans display the American flag on their front lawns and on their cars.

On Constitution Day, many students receive free copies of the Constitution from their schools.

Many people in the United States use Constitution Day to clean up their neighborhood.

On Constitution Day, cleanliness drives are frequently organized as a way to promote both sanitation and social involvement.

Many countries around the world also observe Constitution Day. They are commemorations of the signing of their respective constitutions.

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